Posted by: grantmiho | October 12, 2012

Unanimously Approved as Long-Term Missionaries

It may have helped that we got our results for the Myers-Briggs (which we’ve probably taken 3 or so times 🙂 ) test this week indicating we are both extroverts (just in case anybody is wondering, Grant is an ENFP and Miho is an ESTJ). For three days, we had a career assessment in Chicago that was required by the World Mission office before heading out as long-term missionaries. We had a wonderful time learning more about ourselves and seeing various personality tests and work profiles that reinforced our desire to be in creative and teaching roles, such as church planting and pastoral leadership.

With all this talking over the course of the week, today was our long-term missionary interview with a 15-person committee. Rather than being intimidated, we felt like these are our friends and advocates for serving in Japan. For an hour, they asked a battery of questions related to our faith journey, call to missions, adapting to Japanese culture, working as a team, strategy for church planting, among other topics. We left the room for them to discuss and were called back in a short while later. Fortunately, everybody felt strong that we should transition into the new role of long-term status. As of next June when we are commissioned at the Annual Meeting, we will be long-term missionaries to Japan!

After they shared the news, a few people gave encouraging thoughts to us from our earlier interview. One man noted how Miho’s depression and overcoming these challenges of Japanese culture will likely be used by God in amazing ways. Our pain leads others to hope. Another person mentioned how he senses the Holy Spirit alive in us. Also, with the elderly churches and aging pastors in Japan, they felt so inspired by a young couple going to breath new life and vigor into the Japanese church.

Only a few more things in Chicago before heading back to Boston next week. We will be speaking at a supporting church, Parkwood Community Church, on Sunday, then having our ordination interviews on Monday and Tuesday. We feel a bit more nervous about those 🙂 Then, we get to visit my family in Des Moines for three days before flying back to speak in Peabody  (Boston suburb) next Sunday. When we fly back, Miho will be 35 weeks!! Baby girl is coming soon!!!!

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