Posted by: grantmiho | September 14, 2012

HomeStay Success

Image Our final weeks as short-term missionaries (we are transitioning to long-term service and plan to go back to Japan next year) were an incredible end to these past two years. While a busy time, it was very satisfying and rewarding watching these Japanese feel loved by Highrock church members and enjoy their experience here. In the end, God brought all things together, whether housing issues or other details. We saw His hand at work all throughout this trip. Our group was able to watch a Red Sox game where Matsuzaka pitched (and won, 5-1!), visit the Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation, tour Harvard, and historic sites in Boston. Each morning, they studied English with a gifted ESL teacher who also taught them the Fruits of the Spirit in English. When they returned to Tsurumi Church, they surprised everyone by repeating these verses from Galatians!

One of the most meaningful reflections from the trip is their reports to the Japanese church upon return. Rather than focusing on what souvenirs they bought or sites they visited, each one expressed how nice and loving their host families were and what hospitality they felt from Highrock. Several Imagefamilies hosted BBQs, brought treats to their class, or guided us around Harvard. These relationships are what stuck, which is really the point 🙂 One teen was even brought to tears as she shared about her experience with her host family. They even talked about our church, since it is very different from the limited church exposure they have had. The music and band was great, while the preacher was very animated. Two participants even shared how they are now reading the Bible we gave them daily. Another teen also shared with Miho how she now believes there is a God, though she hasn’t experienced Him yet. These are the marks that we are proud to share, rather than just that the trip came together and nobody was hurt. 

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