1. Why Japan?

We have always wanted to serve God in a place of great need and where our gifts are a great fit. With only 1% Christian population, the need is great for these people to hear about God’s love and the hope He offers. As Miho is Japanese, we have a deep burden for the Japanese people and a unique ability to understand the culture and connect with them in profound ways. If anybody is able to reach Japan, we feel uniquely gifted to do so.

2. Why church planting?

Church plants are known to be one of the best ways to reach people. As most Japanese churches are older and small, we want to reach out to younger people in fresh and new ways. We feel that starting a church is the best way to use our gifts and passion to create a community that helps the Japanese find life and true hope in Christ.

3. If I was interested in moving to Tokyo, where may I look for a position or study opportunity?

We imagine there are a few (fairly) easy paths to come to Tokyo. Teaching English is one of the easiest, as there are tons of schools or businesses hiring Westerners and providing the work Visa. Another option would be transferring from your company, if they have offices in Japan. Also, there are generous scholarships for international students to pursue graduate or doctoral programs in Japan. Some universities are also seeking professors to teach in English.

For studying, visit: http://www.uni.international.mext.go.jp/scholarship/mext/.

For work, visit: https://jobs.gaijinpot.com/http://info.japantimes.co.jp/jobs/start_e.htmlhttp://www.linkedin.com/job/l-tokyo-jobshttps://www.careercross.com/en/ http://www.daijob.com/en/.

4. How can I keep informed with what you are doing?

Sign up to receive our newsletters here. Also, keep reading this blog as we will continue to share stories and photos from our life and ministry in Japan.

If there are more questions you would like us to answer, please post below and we’ll respond.

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