Posted by: grantmiho | October 25, 2012

One Month Til our New Little Girl Comes

In just four short weeks, we hope to have our new girl join our family. She has already been very active in Miho’s stomach. Let’s just hope when she comes out that she is calm and constantly sleepy 🙂 We just got back from two weeks in Chicago (and three days in Des Moines visiting family). No more flying until after baby comes. 

However, we are going strong up until the due date. In the next few weeks, we will be attending a pastor’s retreat in New Hampshire for a few days, speaking at two churches in New Hampshire, one church in Maine, and tentatively driving down to the Washington DC area for a few days in between Sunday church visits to visit a few friends/supporters.

On Nov. 22nd, Miho’s parents will be coming out here to be with us during the birth. This is their first time to visit us in Boston, thanks to new direct flights offered from Tokyo-Boston. It also doesn’t hurt that they deeply miss seeing Allie regularly (we are sure they miss us too, but as a far distant second 🙂 ). In no time, it will be Christmas and a new year. What a great and busy home assignment so far. 

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