Posted by: grantmiho | August 6, 2010

First Week in Boston

Speaking at our old Youth Group

Visiting Bethany Church in NH

BBQ in Maine with Evergreen Church

Allie with a freshly laid egg

With a minimal chance of recovery from jetlag, we spoke on Friday at Highrock Church with the young adults and just afterwards at our old youth group. Though tired and a bit frazzled, we somehow were able to share our story of God’s direction in our lives, as well as teaching the teens. Being away from speaking each week, it felt great to get back in the flow of preparing a message and teaching. We enjoyed seeing old friends but also encouraged to see so many new faces in the youth group.

The following day, we headed up to New Hampshire to stay with a family before speaking at the service on Sunday morning. Their home was built in 1776 and had a chicken coup and garden, which allowed Miho to pick her first pepper and freshly laid egg. This was our first chance to spend time with this congregation, but already felt a strong bond and partnership we hope will last for many years to come.

Just after that service and lunch with the pastor and a few members, we drove over to Maine for a BBQ with Evergreen Church. We spoke there last summer and enjoyed getting to know them even better through a relaxed afternoon together. They are a young church plant, which has allowed us to be their first mission partners. A great honor for us! Allie did great that whole day, sleeping and being very calm (except for a brief moment on the drive home).

This week has also been filled with visits to old friends and meeting with our core support team. We have felt overwhelmingly loved and cared for during our return here. We’ve been able to spend time with our old youth leaders and many close families already. Allie even had the chance to become friends with Jaden (our friends the Parks’ son who was born 5 days after Allie) and Noa (the Myungs’ 1-year old girl).

This has been a fantastic week. We are looking forward to visiting Highrock Brookline this Sunday and hosting a dinner next Wednesday for our supporters and friends at Highrock. We will continue to share how everything is coming along in the days to come….

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