Posted by: grantmiho | August 4, 2010

Goodbye Edinburgh, Hello Boston

Miho and Allie at the Castle

Day Out in the Sun

Allie's First Flight

First Meal in Boston

This past month has been quite intense. From the major adjustments to parenthood to finishing up my dissertation to getting Allie’s Japanese and American passports, we experienced a steep learning curve in handling our new lifestage. Yet, God has granted us sufficient peace and rest to make it through, albeit with many (nearly) sleepless nights.

On June 27th, we left Edinburgh. As our home for this past year, we grew very fond of this place and will look back with joy for this memory (especially as the birthplace of Allie). While Allie won’t remember it, we were able to take her around for photos while running various errands (Miho has taken nearly 1,000 photos in her first month!). We were blessed by our church (P’s and G’s) who provided us with meals.

Allie did surprisingly well on her first flight. Managing 4 big suitcases, 1 check-in for Allie, 2 carry-on bags, 2 laptop bags, 2 diaper bags, and a carseat was perhaps the most challenging aspect of the move. But, we made it and weren’t charged for overweight or extra bags!

Upon our first day in Boston, we felt overwhelmingly welcomed by our support team from Highrock Church who are hosting us in their home, providing us a car to use, picked us up, helped with groceries and homemade meals, and even picked up sushi for us (Miho’s first time to eat it since having the baby).

Life has been busy since arriving. Allie has now traveled to three countries and three states within the past week. With so much to update, we will share more about our time here in Boston and the churches and people we have visited very soon…..

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