Posted by: grantmiho | August 20, 2010

2nd week in Boston

Feasting (and later praying) with our Core Support Team

Core Support Group Meeting

Meeting with Jamaica Plain Church (Pastor and Missions Leader)

Visiting Highrock Brookline

Visiting Highrock Brookline

JFK House (one block from Highrock Brookline)

Our second week back to Boston was packed but filled with great moments together with friends and churches. We were able to enjoy a fantastic BBQ (something we didn’t really get to enjoy in Scotland) with our core support team . These close families and young adults have been crucial in our adjustment back to Boston, helping coordinate meetings, finding key baby items, and providing a home for us.

We had a wonderful evening eating, introducing Allie to them, sharing about our past year and what is coming up, planning the larger support meeting, and praying together.

The next day, we were able to catch up with another ECC church in Jamaica Plain, a southern part of Boston. Though we preached there last summer, it was enjoyable to meet with Pastor Fred and a missions leader, Kim, to update them on our lives and ministry plans.

On Sunday, we attended Highrock Brookline (a church plant from Arlington 2 years ago) for the first time. We were amazed at how many people we have never met before, which is a great problem to have with a new church! Allie got to meet so many new friends, as many of our old couple friends now have babies too. We enjoyed talking to a few college students who are interested in serving in Japan in the future, as well as young adult who is moving to Paris soon and wanted advice on churches and ministry there.

This church meets in an elementary school that happens to be one block away from JFK’s birthplace, which is now a museum. Being cheap, we took photos outside but didn’t pay to go inside 🙂 We first thought that Allie might not be able to become President since she was born in the UK, but we found out she is a “natural born citizen.” Who knows, maybe we are holding a future leader of the free world or a Japanese Prime Minister 🙂

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