Posted by: grantmiho | December 9, 2011

Interesting Development in Radiation Concerns for Babies

This past week, a major Japanese brand, Meiji, just recalled 400,000 cans of formula, due to radiation concerns. These are the same cans that we have on our shelf (though we stopped using formula months ago). They were made in the northwest part of Tokyo. The main news, from my perspective, is not that these items were recalled, but why it seems to make news headlines.

Up until last month, the government continued to keep the same levels for everyone, kids and adults, for radiation (500 bq per kilo). Now, they set infant products at 200 bq/kilo. Much lower, but may not comfort too many parents. The recalled formula only had 15 bq of one type of cesium and 16 of another type. Together, this is a fraction of the legal limit. They have no obligation to pull such amounts from stores. However, it seems that parents are causing concern. Though it is lower than government-set limits, would you want to knowingly buy the main nutrition for your infant that has radiation in it? Thus, Meiji pulled the products.

This highlights the ongoing concern we have been wrestling with over the past few months. Just because things are sold in stores does not make them necessarily safe. Just because they are under the legal limit does not seem to provide total relief. It seems as though we are not alone in these feelings for young children. While these small amounts do not seem to pose high danger, it is still unforeseen what exposure to it over long periods of time can do. Though small, these parents do not seem to want to run that risk. Pray for us as we continue to wrestle through our desire to remain here along with our desire to protect and care for Allie.


  1. I think it has to do with the kind of radiation. Cesium may have a longer half-life than some other substances.

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