Posted by: grantmiho | January 6, 2012

Overwhelmed by Hospitality

On Wednesday afternoon, we arrived in Boston for the next couple weeks. After nearly a year and a half away, we have felt so blessed and loved by the hospitality expressed through our home church and support team. Even though it was only been a day, we have already be blessed by….

a. Lodging Hospitality- a church family has a split level home in Medford and allowed us to stay in the furnished 2-bedroom first floor during our time in Boston. Allie is already enjoying roaming around the open space and playing with their children’s old toys (their kids are a few years older than Allie).

b. Transportation Hospitality- not only were we picked up at the airport by the mission’s pastor, but were offered a car with child seat to use during our time here. So far, no mistakes with the switch from left to right driving (except trying to put on the turn signal, only to realize there is nothing on the ride side of the steering wheel!).

c. Food Hospitality- we came home to a fridge stocked with the basics, including steaks (not sure how many people consider that a “staple” ingredient, but we felt loved by this gesture; especially for an Iowan boy who loves his red meat). It is a great feeling giving Allie anything she wants without worrying about where it is from. We are thankful for our support team who organized these groceries, while one member brought us dinner our first night. Such simple things can go a long way to express care for others. This sense of community and hospitality has always been a high mark of Highrock, in our opinion.

We also found out that we will be visiting the children’s church one week, since they learned about us and prayed for us a few months ago. These little kids even took up an offering and want to present it to Allie 🙂 That really touched our hearts. Getting children passionate about how God is working around the world and how their little contribution can make a difference is a beautiful thing!

We are still overcoming our jetlag, but already are enjoying our time back. Looking forward to all that God will do through this brief break back in the States.

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