Posted by: grantmiho | March 18, 2011

Time of Prayer and Peace

It has now been over a week since the earthquake struck that set off a number of catastrophes in our country. Surprisingly, today has felt like the most normal so far. Last night was an intense time of praying for the work being conducted at the nuclear plant to install some electricity to help with the cooling process and save the plant. We were informed that a key leader working on this, Mr. Sato, happened to be a Christian. Our prayers were that this effort would be successful in preventing further decay or expanding radiation.

We have heard that the risk seems to remain severe but has plateaued at some of the reactors. There are a number of various steps they are taking to stabilize the situation, from fire fighters spraying water, using the ocean water, dropping it from helicopters above, etc. Tokyo appears to not be facing any threat from the radiation at the moment. For this reason, we feel more at peace about our decision to stay put. This is where God has called us to be and we want to remain as long as we can.

Most mission agencies seem to be leaving the decision up to each family of what they want to do. We have heard that some OMF staff have left the country, Southern Baptist missionaries went south or to Kobe, and two families from our group are currently in Kobe. Though missionaries have tended to be among the last to leave a crisis area, the nuclear danger throws everything up in the air and calls for complete understanding and support for those that feel lead to re-locate.

The news about the nuclear situation seems to have overshadowed the larger prayer point: those still suffering up north from the Tsunami and earthquake. As news reporting probably will begin to wane or shift from this issue, please continue to pray for those helping with relief efforts (particularly our fellow missionary, Jim Peterson, who is heading up to Sendai today with supplies) and those affected from loss of family and home.

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