Posted by: grantmiho | March 18, 2011

Scarcity Shopping Experience

All the diapers are gone, except the big size 😦

Though things are still uncertain and we experienced another earthquake last night, we finally felt things were slowly getting back to normal today. We finally left the house to get some much needed supplies and food. The stores open at 10am, with (hopefully) replenished shelves. We were surprised by how much the grocery store had, though critical items are still in short supply (as you can see in the photos). They rationed the bread and milk to one per household, which is wise when people can panic and load up everything for themselves. Diapers, toilet paper, tissues, milk, bread, and yogurt were completely empty or nearly sold out (though surprisingly, beer was in full supply as it seems people care more about essentials than drinking at this time!). We found most things, except diapers and toilet paper. If things continue, we may have to follow the way Middle Easterners use the toilet πŸ™‚

All the milk is gone too, leaving only some cream

At the nearby mall where we went to the grocery store, they had a play area for kids. Since we were enjoying getting out of the house, we let Allie enjoy a new place to play. There was another boy there, who happened to be 9 months too. We struck up a conversation with the dad and allowed these two to play together. We even had Allie share her rice cracker with him. At one point, she almost put his foot in her mouth, along with his toy πŸ™‚ Turns out this couple lives in our area and work at a children’s museum nearby. We were able to exchange emails and may get in touch with them, while also inviting them to church. Moments like these when we get to interact with people in our area make it hard for us to consider relocating or leaving Yokohama. At this point, we feel that God has placed us here “for such a

But beer is in full supply; didn't see a single person getting any πŸ™‚

time as this.” We want to walk with our church people and our community in this trying period, rather than escape. Yet, we are not willing to unnecessarily put ourselves in harm’s way just out of stubborn passion to remain here doing ministry. It’s a delicate balance that each missionary family here is wrestling with. Pray for wisdom and safety in the midst of all that is happening here!

Allie sharing a rice cracker with her new friend πŸ™‚


  1. We continue to lift you all and all the people in Japan up in prayer for comfort and safety. May God continue to place you in the right situations to offer support to others.

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