Posted by: grantmiho | February 28, 2011

Allie’s Baby Dedication

Pastor Sekino praying over Allie

Yesterday, we dedicated Allie at our church here. A lady from the church is a wedding dress designer and created an incredible dress with matching cape and hood for Allie on this special occasion. Though Allie is typically fussy being held by other people, she was surprisingly calm as Pastor Sekino held her and prayed over her. Our next door neighbor (who has been coming to our Language Cafe) also came to the service! We wrote a special letter to Allie that we gave out to everyone who came to the service. Below is the letter (though part of it is in Japanese)…..

“Dearest Allie Mika,

Allie, even after only eight months, you have already begun to live up to your name. You truly are a beautiful

Baby Dedication for Allie

aroma to this world. With the exception of diaper changing times, your presence makes each room lovely and sweet. You are such a joy.

This dedication is as much about us as you. We are dedicated to becoming the best examples and guides as you grow in life and faith. Our desire is that our family and church community will help shape you into who God wants you to become, a woman who knows the truth and spreads the good news wherever she goes. May you learn from our mistakes, while also experiencing the need for grace and forgiveness. We love you and care so much about you. We trust that God will protect you and guide you as you grow from a baby into a young woman.

Who is like the Lord to grant us this child?

She will know the truth, walk in the truth, and spread the beautiful aroma of Christ.




パパとママの初めての子として、アリーちゃんには深い思い入れがあります。でも、何よりも神様と人に愛される子に育っていってほしいと願います。神様から授かったこの命、パパとママは不完全な親だけれども、精一杯、真心を込めて育てていきたいと思います。神様が私達に必要なすべての知恵と忍耐と愛を与えてくださり、神様の家族である兄弟姉妹からの助けを借りて、アリーちゃんが「神様の子ども」としてすくすくと成長していけますように. ”




  1. What great joy to hear–and see–this marvelous event. May God abundantly bless this precious little girl–and her parents!

    Thanks for all your work posting these updates. How exciting to read about the Valentine’s event, to know your Mom’s surgery went well–and how we love those px of Allie Mika!

    With our prayers, Woody and Linda Anderson

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