Posted by: grantmiho | February 20, 2011

Valentine’s Event in Shibuya

Last Saturday, we hosted our first event as the Youth Committee of the Japanese Covenant. We planned a Valentine’s Event in downtown Tokyo for college and young adults.

Speaking with the help of Aki (Grant's interpreter)

As our first event, we were not sure who or how many people  would come. Yet, we prayed that God would bring people  from all over to enjoy a fun and relaxing evening together,  hearing about love and relationships through a Gospel-  perspective. We were selected as the speakers for the event.  Preparing a message together is always a challenge, as we  have different rhythms and styles of crafting a message. It  also didn’t help that Miho would be speaking in Japanese  and I would speak in English.


Crowd at the Event

This event was a tremendous success. It has been one of the  main highlights of our ministry (so far) in Japan. More than  50 young adults came out, despite the snowy, wet weather.  Around 30 of these guests were non-Christians that had  been invited by their friends. This might have been the first  time they heard about God’s love. We were interviewed first,  sharing about how we met, how we handled conflicts in our  relationship, and how we knew we wanted to marry each  other.


Fantastic Buffet

Throughout the night, we enjoyed a wonderful buffet that included a chocolate  fountain with strawberries, marshmallows, and pineapple. A team from another church created great ambiance in the rented venue. We played People  Bingo, so people could get to know each other a little bit (which Miho won). A  music team from another church sang a few songs, even one that a girl wrote.  One guy provided some comic relief through a song.

All in all, everybody seemed to have a wonderful time. We loved having the  opportunity to speak to such a group of young people. We really hope to reach  such young people every week in our church. Our prayer is that our story of our  relationship and the message of God’s sacrificial love would truly speak to  them.

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