Posted by: grantmiho | February 9, 2011

My Mom’s Life-Restoring Valentine’s Gift

While a romantic dinner or beautifully wrapped gift is sweet, I am sure nothing could make my dad happier this Valentine’s Day that what will be happening. After nearly four months, my mom was told that her burns have healed properly and she is now ready to have the surgery on her neck for her clogged artery (nearly 80-90% closed). We just found out that it will be happening on Valentine’s Day! For my dad, this gift should bring back his healthy and functional wife. The hope is that this surgery will not only remedy the cause of her stroke, but also allow the blood to properly flow from her brain to her left side of the body. She has been steadily improving in her movement, but still is not near a normal state.

Please continue praying for her, this surgery, and the full recovery. This should be a routine procedure. She should only be in the hospital for a day afterwards. Please pray that all goes well and my mom will continue to recover.

UPDATE: The surgery was successful. She is now back home recovering. She will need to continue with therapy in order for her left side to be restored to normal.

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