Posted by: grantmiho | October 21, 2010

Quick update on Mom’s positive recovery

I was able to talk with my dad last night. Seems like things are looking positive for my mom at the moment. She is recovering from the surgery, from which the burns went all the way to the fat tissue. They said that the burns could have killed her if she didn’t get them treated within a week or two. Amazed at how quickly they were able to work on her.

It will be another week or two before they can address the blockage in her neck. They are closely monitoring her, so that another stroke will not occur, or at least be addressed immediately.

My dad and uncle were there with her. A few pastors from my parents church came all the way over (2 hours) from Des Moines to visit and pray with her. As a minister, I especially appreciate how much time they were able to spend on pastoral care for my parents in this difficult moment.

Please continue praying for her recovery from the burn and that everything will go smoothly leading up to the next surgery soon.


  1. So glad your mom is doing better. We will keep her in our prayers and she continues her treatment.
    Bob & Deb McCann

  2. So thankful she is getting good treatment and progressing. We continue to pray for God’s healing touch and for peace for all of you…
    Prayers from Dublin, where we are visitng our daughter and family—Woody and Linda

  3. Grant, I was up at camp when you sent out the first email and didn’t see the news until Tuesday evening, but please know that we are continuing to pray for your Mom… the Lord’s peace to you…. Tim

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