Posted by: grantmiho | October 19, 2010

Good News! Update on My Mom’s Condition


Partial Family Photo with my mom


Thank you so much for all of your prayers. It has been an incredible experience to know that people from all over America and in various countries around the world have joined together to lift up my mom in prayer.

We have some very encouraging news! After four hours of surgery on Monday afternoon, my mom is recovering. This was the first surgery they needed to do which dealt with skin grafts on her burns, which were pretty severe on her arm and the side of her torso. She is now in the burn unit and is under close watch. It will be another week before they can perform the surgery on her neck for the blocked artery (about 80% blocked) that is causing the strokes. The delay in surgery is due to her need to recover more from the burns before they can do more work.
This operation was what they were most worried about. So, this is a good sign that she might recover from this.
My dad, sisters, niece, nephews, an uncle, and one of my grandmas were there during the surgery. We were also able to talk to her before the surgery. The stroke had caused about a 4 second delay in response. Not knowing what might have happened, we were able to tell her how much we love her and how influential she has been in my life, reminding her that it was her who led me to Christ as a child. We also were able to pray for her over the phone. Please continue to pray for my mom during this period of recovery and further treatment. Please also keep my family in your prayers.
We will keep our website,, updated with news about my mom’s condition rather than constantly sending out more emails.
Thank you again for your prayers. God is faithful and is present in the midst of this tragedy.


  1. I cannot imagine how hard you are hit by your mom’s condition, and how difficult you take this situation in far away from the US. I will pray continuous her recovery and your faimily in US as well as the encouragement for you.

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