Posted by: grantmiho | January 11, 2015

T-Minus 7 Days to Official Launch

IMG_2383 Through years of dreaming, winding roads leading us in new unexpected directions, months of building a team and hosting preview services, we are now on the verge of officially launching our church plant, Tokyo Life Church.

If this past month is any indication, we sense that God is truly up to something in our midst. We have had a Christmas event where most of our guests were invited by other new people to our church community. At one of our services, we met a guy from Boston who is interested in moving over here. First time to meet, but excited by his passion for Japan and joining with what we are doing here. Just today, we had three first-time visitors (and one toddler). One guy came through a Cali friend’s recommendation. One lady came through the recommendation of a lady in Osaka whom we have never met before some email exchanges this week. The final guest had been at Highrock before moving back to Japan.

We now have a regular place to meet. We are about to launch our website. We have a a wonderful team of leaders who pour into our children. We have a worship leader with a dedicated and gifted worship team. Despite a range of needs in our team, we feel so blessed to officially begin this new community with our team.

With a new year full of possibilities, may we continue to dream and pursue all that God has in store for us as we seek to welcome new people, grow deeper as a community, and find ways to be a blessing in our surrounding community. This is just the beginning…….:)

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