Posted by: grantmiho | September 14, 2014

Picking up Speed for the Fall

Wow, hard to believe it is already mid-September. Today we hosted our fourth preview service, which had over twenty people. Each month feels stronger and stronger. Our team is bonding and stepping up to serve and lead in so many ways. It is a great feeling to have so many show up early to set up and pitch in to clean up afterwards, while each playing a part (or multiple roles) in the service. We are now moving into bi-weekly services, before we aim for weekly services in December.

For the past three services, we have had a new visitor each time! Two were college students and one was a family. Another beautiful element is how Highrock Church in Boston played a part in their lives. One of the college students went to church as a child. During her overseas study in Boston, we helped connect her with Highrock, where she visited a few times. She ended up bringing her friend recently which was her first time to step into a church in Japan. This morning, two days after moving back to Tokyo (only one station away from our church), a family with two young kids came to our service. They had been in Boston for work. Despite any background with Christianity, they got connected to the Japanese ministry at Highrock and even began going to services. After our service, a dozen or so of us got lunch together and hung out for nearly two hours in the park next to our meeting location. Their kids played so well with our girls and seemed so comfortable with us already.

After the next service, we will have met five times in four different locations. Despite the challenge of people finding us and settling into one fixed place, God is definitely at work here. We are amazed at our incredible team. We are blessed by the new people we are meeting. Once we find a regular place to gather, we anticipate more opportunities to reach out and offer creative new ministries. Pray that God continues to use us, even as we are nomads. Pray that we will continue to delegate and release our leaders to serve, as we realize our limitations with two small girls. Pray that our community continues to welcome, connect with, and care for people joining us at Tokyo Life Church!

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