Posted by: grantmiho | February 2, 2014

Joys of Being a Team in Ministry

While the pastoral couple have been on sabbatical these past couple months, Miho and I have been privileged to lead communion each month. We could list the myriad of ways that we love being a team serving together in ministry. Today was another reminder why we love being a team. Together we explain the Lord’s Supper and invite everyone to joyfully come and take the elements. Along with the various stations, we stand to the side to pray for those not ready to take communion, especially little kids. As the kids come, I pray for the English speaking kids, while Miho prays for the Japanese speaking kids. Such a simple act, but has had a profound affect on us. It is hard not to have joy as you kneel down and place your hand on a young kid and pray over them that they understand what Christ has done for them and that they come to love and follow Jesus. 

Last month, Allie decided she wanted to stay in the service instead of going to the nursery. As we led communion, she stayed seated with another lady. To our surprise, she come up on stage smiling. What a precious moment. She seemed so happy to see us leading up front. While we often pray for her, that moment was special for us. 

From where we are now, we could not imagine serving any other way. God brought us together with similar passions, complementary gifts, and a love to work together. 


  1. Beautiful! ….and beauty will flow through you to others.

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