Posted by: grantmiho | September 15, 2013

Small Win, Great for Momentum

Two weeks have passed since we arrived in Tokyo. We have now overcome our jet lag; not that this means we are fully rested. Allie has already begun preschool (and loves it, though she is the only non fully-Japanese student). Though we have been primarily focused on getting settled into our home and unpacking, things are already moving. Today we started our bi-lingual small group at church and started as a group of ten; four being Japanese.

Yesterday we participated in an all-day church council retreat (read: overseers/elders/leaders) where we had time to more fully present our vision for the church plant and how it may come together this year. We felt fully supported by the group. We sensed some energy and excitement for this new direction of the church and new venture. We also dreamed, discussed, and prayed about all that we hope to see God do at KBF (Kurume Bible Fellowship) this year; which was great.

At the end of the day, one of the Japanese council members approached us to tell us that he’s on board. We didn’t even give the leaders an invitation to join our launch team. Yet, he proactively offered to join this new movement of what God will be doing. So, we have our first official Launch Team member!!! If only gathering several dozen more people came this easily 🙂

Another family with similar aged kids at the church have expressed an interest to help be a part of the church plant, though we are not sure yet what this means. We also had lunch with one of Miho’s longtime Christian friends who lives in Tokyo and asked her to pray about joining us (along with her recently converted fiancé). Although this is a season of settling into our new church, getting to know people, we are excited about how God is already at work in building up a team.

Please keep us in prayer as we settle into the new church, for unity with the staff and leaders, and for our Launch team formation.

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