Posted by: grantmiho | June 20, 2013

First Stages of Team Building

When we first mentioned the idea that we were inviting others to move with us to Japan, we rightfully heard some skepticism about such a wild idea. True, moving your family halfway around the world, leaving friends and family behind, to be in a place you may have never visited before is pretty crazy. Yet, we felt called by God to start a church and that we could not do it on our own, especially with two little girls.

Recently, we hosted our first launch team meeting at our apartment. Three families joined us for a BBQ. Before that evening, several families had not known each other. However, by the end of the evening, we sensed God’s Spirit at work of bringing us together. Conversation flowed naturally, people opened up about their concerns, and shared why they are interested in coming to Japan. Each family is coming from a different place, yet there is an eagerness to follow God and help share the Gospel with the many who have never heard. Some already speak Japanese; others may not even know how to say hello. Some have visited before; others will be brand new to the city. Yet, we are excited about this small community that may grow into the new church plant in Tokyo!

Please pray about these families as they seek God’s leading for such a potential transition. Some have begun applying for jobs. One member is finishing up his Ph.D. at MIT and is seeking a post-doc. position in Tokyo. For all of us, please pray for opportunities to come over and that God would answer their concerns or fears. Pray also that our team would grow either from Boston or with our partner church in Tokyo.

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