Posted by: grantmiho | March 26, 2013

Why I Love to Run Marathons

(Barcelona Marathon 2010)

(Barcelona Marathon 2010)

What started as something to check off my lifetime goals list as a senior in college has now become a passion of mine. Having never run more than 2 miles before the Chicago Marathon, I initially felt this crazy challenge would push me and then I could say I did it and never run again. Through the training, I came to find deep connections with running and other aspects of my life, such as my faith. Here are a few reasons why I have come to love marathons.

1. Pushes you to persevere. The very fact that it beyond any normal human activity pushes you to dig deep and go beyond your comfort. This parallels my life too as it trains me to have the fortitude to carry on despite emotions of wanting to quit. As Paul shares in 1 Cor. 9, physical training has some value but this training should help enhance my spiritual fortitude, as well, which has greater value.

2. Hours running gives me space to pray and think. There are reasons why some of our best ideas come in the shower, while driving, or doing other things besides sitting at a desk trying to write gold. I can’t count how many sermons and illustrations clicked while jogging, as it allowed my study to marinate and come together in my mind.

3. Reminds me how essential encouragement and fellowship is. Running, like most things in life, can be rather boring if done exclusively by yourself. It is also easy to give up without the encouragement of others. Having a partner to train with and crowds to cheer you on during the race make a profound impact.

4. Provides an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for various causes. While I love racquetball and bocce ball, I could not imagine asking people to give money for charities if I have an intense ultimate frisbee game. Marathons have allowed kids in Iraq to receive aid and Christian love, victims of the earthquake in Haiti to be able to rebuild after the rubble, tsunami victims in Japan to get care, and now to allow underprivileged kids to experience God at Pilgrim Pines Camp in New Hampshire.

If you want to partner with me for this race, visit to donate or send me a check made out to “Community Covenant Church.” I would love for you to join me in this effort to provide scholarships to kids and teens that may not be able to have this potentially life-changing experience at a Christian camp.

Only a few weeks left of training. Pray for me as I gear up for April 15th at the Boston Marathon!

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