Posted by: grantmiho | December 23, 2012

Home Church Makes Front Page of Boston Globe

On the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe, our primary sending church, Highrock, was featured on the cover! You can read it here:


It details our recent annual Christmas concert of six shows that goes to benefit the town of Arlington. We raise around $15,000 a year to to give to the town to help pay for a social worker in the community. At the six shows, we had over 1,700 people attend the mix of Christmas carols, readings, poetry, modern songs, and cookies. As always, it was packed and lively. Our whole family went, with Miho’s mom. Afterwards, we were able to have dinner with close friends who invited various friends and a Japanese family who come to our English class on Fridays. At nearly every show, several Japanese families attended; some through the English class and others through other relationships. We hope it was a wonderful experience for them, as it is a unique concert and display of the heart of Christmas. We also hope they, and our community, grasp the love and heart behind our efforts.

So proud to be a part of a dynamic and missional community. We look forward to carrying out the similar vision and passion for impacting the community and loving people in Japan, when we head back to plant a similar church there.

p.s. It is always enjoyable to read about our efforts, as the article mentions two ministries we help start; the bread wrapping with the teens at the local high school and the tutoring program 🙂

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