Posted by: grantmiho | July 16, 2012

Alpha with Teen Launched

A junior high guy that is coming with us to Boston for the homestay recently displayed interest in learning about the Bible. After giving him a Bible this Spring, he talked about Genesis or other “biblical” words that are normally not used in Japanese conversations. Miho was pleasantly surprised to hear him share about what he was reading. So, Miho decided to start an Alpha Course with him this summer. Despite the pregnancy and everything else going on in our final months here, we felt compelled to do something, as this is a ripe opportunity to pour into an eager teen.

On the first meeting, when asked about God, he commented how when he reads the Bible that he sees God as someone very appealing. As Miho meets with him over these two months, please pray that God will open his heart and that he will come to know Jesus.

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