Posted by: grantmiho | September 10, 2011

Quick Bullet Point Updates

Here is a quick summary of some of the things happening here recently…..

1. Yesterday, a junior high boy came with good news to the Language Cafe. Turns out that his report card showed he had B or worse grades in every subject except an A in English listening! This must have made his dad proud (and convinced to keep sending him to our Language Cafe!). I (Grant) always knew Miho was a good teacher, turns out he is a success story.

2. We start our Junior High ministry next Sunday, the 18th. Not only is the church neighbor sending her daughter, but told us she is going to call some friends to invite their teenagers too. Word of mouth always trumps other publicity.

3. Two of our church members will be heading up to the Tohoku area next week to serve with the relief efforts. As a small church with few “mission trip” opportunities, this is exciting to see a few people take steps to serve and help in this way.

Allie walking with Miho

4. Allie is growing up too fast. She now acts like a senior citizen 🙂 Since she loves walking and we are concerned about radiation at the park, she has a new hobby: mall-walking! We are also witnessing her strong will, as she loves the freedom to go where she wants, rather than be led or held by us. She it too cute strutting around in her little Pumas. It never gets old hearing strangers say “Kowaii” to her (which means “Cute”).


  1. Thanks for the update Grant and Miho! We love you all three.

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