Posted by: grantmiho | June 22, 2011

You Might Be a Gaijin (Foreigner) In Japan If…….

Here are some cultural clues for life in Japan as a foreigner. I have luckily avoided making them all. Hope you enjoy being exposed to some subtleties of Japanese culture.

You might be a gaijin if….

1. You wear your shoes into the dressing room.

2. You wear your shoes around the house.

3. You find yourself bumping your head in between doorways.

4. You think a “tako” is Mexican food rather than an octopus.

5. You talk on your phone while riding a train.

6. You wear shorts or flip flops on a weekday.

7. You think donuts or pancakes are breakfast food items.

8. You refuse to wear a mask when going out no matter how much pollen, radiation, or sicknesses you are exposed to.

9. You are intrigued by the washlet (toilet) that squirts water at varying temperatures and even fans it dry afterwards.

10. You can remember when gas was under $4/gallon and a pair of Levi’s cost under $50.

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