Posted by: grantmiho | May 25, 2011

Quick Update: Overwhelming Generosity and Moving Day Set

Just one week ago, we sent out an email to friends and supporters about our need to move into a new nearby apartment. As this unexpected transition has resulted in a substantial financial burden, we have been amazed at the response already. Within a day, a number of people, even those we had met only once, gave a couple thousand dollars towards our need. At the moment, we have now passed 33% of this goal. Thank you for all of you praying and helping us with this particular need.

Next Saturday, June 4th, we will be able to move into our new place. With the help of a few friends, this should not be too challenging, as it is only a block down the road. Already we are thinking of ways to get to know our neighbors and continue building relationships with those in our community. Continue to pray for everything to come together and that we can settle in quickly.

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