Posted by: grantmiho | May 5, 2011

Are We Normal?

We just got off an incredibly encouraging Skype talk with our Pastor Dave from Highrock. Hearing all that we have been going through since the March 11th disasters, he offered great perspective, pastoral advice, and reassurance into all the things we are stressed over or feeling. It was great to hear from others that marital tension or problems are completely normal with any first-time parents, let alone those facing multiple disasters.

Out of curiosity, a few weeks back we looked at some online “Life Change” psychological tests. These are the ones that usually measure the amount of stress you are probably under related to changes in your life by asking questions about work life, family life, recent moves, etc. A high percentage of our unique “changes” failed to show up on these tests. Aside from that, we are already at a high level, given that in the past six or so months we have: moved in multiple countries, had a baby, changed jobs, learning a new language, had a health crisis as my mom had a stroke and burns, adjusting to a new country, change in roles within the family (as Grant can’t drive here, pay bills, etc.), and the list goes on. Add into the mix some earthquakes, fear of radiation, concern over what we feed Allie, if we can take her outside safely, and if our building is safe amidst earthquakes, the situation becomes that much more volatile.

Our conversation tonight reminded that every parent faces issues in regards to different parenting styles, personalities, ways of doing things. Given these extra pressures, it is no wonder that life is stressful as we try to protect our home, guard against contaminated food, lack sleep, think about moving to a new apartment, etc. As we try to navigate through this difficult time, it is reassuring to know that any family would face certain pressures and tensions given these circumstances. Though we feel like is getting better for our family, we still face certain pressures for our family’s safety, are in need of rest, and feel like there is something new to think about every week. Please pray for our family as we continue to serve here in Japan.

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