Posted by: grantmiho | April 3, 2011

Getting Away for a Week

Today we are heading off to Kobe for a week. The radiation in the water has fluctuated a bit over the past few weeks, but seems like it is temporarily fine. Although, bottled water is still in scarce supply (Grant went to three stores in the morning a few days ago only to find one bottle, as that is the rationed limit per family). There is still radiation detected in the air, though not at a harmful level. Yet, as is natural for parents, we feel protective of Allie and have refrained from taking her outside too much.

The Kobe Union Church has been incredible in offering places to stay for missionaries needing to get away from the east. Our mission has likewise been amazing at supporting this decision and helping cover these costs, which we had not expected nor planned. We are looking forward to freely walking outside with Allie, finding water and food supplies, and hopefully getting some much needed rest. Perhaps Allie might also have the chance to feed the Kobe beef cows some beer and give them a massage 🙂

As this coincides with Grant’s spring break, we will be coming back ready to start a new semester of study and ministry (April is the start of the school year, as well as when many people start new jobs). Pray that we find the relaxation we need. Pray also for our productive brainstorming, as we are thinking about hosting a charity event for the tsunami relief soon.


  1. Grant and Miho, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, I am so glad that you are able now to get away for a break and some peace and fresh air and water for you all. I wish you a wonderful time of revival and blessing. My prayers are with you. God bless, with much love from Caroline

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