Posted by: grantmiho | March 11, 2011

Safe amidst the major earthquakes

This afternoon around 3pm, we experienced the biggest earthquake of our lives. Luckily, we were all home together. They are quite common here, but typically mild. Just the other day, Grant felt one at school, but the class kept going without even an acknowledgement of what was happening. Today though, the light fixture and tv was swaying. Things fell off the shelves. Our gas shut off, as it is earthquake-proof, due to fires that happened in the past in these situations. We were quite shaken by the whole event. Miho is still deeply affected by everything that happened today.

We are still without phone or cell phone access. Many places nearby don’t even have electricity or gas (such as around the train station and Miho’s parents). Though it happened at 3pm, we had to go out to file our taxes (as this was the only time we had the time). The office had no power, but surprisingly was still open. At the train station, there were incredibly long lines waiting to use the pay phones, get a taxi, or wait for a bus as the trains were not running. The lines were still long at 6pm, since many people are far from home and have no way to get back easily. All the stores were closed, as the power was out.

This event reminded us of how dependent we are on God. Nothing is in our control during this tragedy. We just pray and wait for it to end. Afterwards, we were blessed to have a church member come over to check on us. This was a complete surprise, but something that made us feel grateful for our church. This little act of care made us feel very loved.

As many homes and offices were damaged in this earthquake and tsunami, please keep Japan in your prayers. Though nothing was destroyed in our apartment, we were shaken by the event. We imagine that many other people have been frightened by this experience. Perhaps this sad event might open their hearts to God, as they seek comfort and hope.


  1. We arose to hear the news this morning here on the U.S. east coast, and we are praying for you and for the nation of Japan. May the comfort and care of our Lord be made manifest in your hearts and home as you minister to your neighbors.

  2. We love you guys! We’re so glad you are OK!

  3. I thought of you and prayed the moment I heard the shocking news of what has happened in Japan – Somehow, I felt peace that you were OK, but I am so glad now to receive your email to confirm that you have not suffered personally. I know that you will make the most of this opportunity to minister to your neighbours and all whom the Lord sends into your path, may he continue to bless and protect you all. I am always touched by how beautifully you spread love and joy around you. I think of you often and always enjoy your letters. God bless you.
    with love from Caroline

  4. We’re so happy you’re okay! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do!

  5. The moment I heard the news I began praying that you all would be safe and for God to use you and others to minister to those around you. So glad that you are all safe and well. There are many lives lost and many lives that will be changed because of this event. May it help them to draw closer to God and know that HE is with them each step of the way. Thanks for sending the update.

    Continued prayers for safety and strength as you go through the days ahead.


  6. Glad to hear you are safe. *jocelyn

  7. Praise God you are all safe! Santi and I are praying for you all and for the people of Japan

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