Posted by: grantmiho | December 16, 2010

Christmas Dinner Came Early

Christmas with the Morita Family

Since next week is pretty hectic with Christmas events and services, we had an extremely early Christmas dinner with our neighbors. The wife seemed curious about Christmas meals, as it is an unfamiliar phenomenon here in Japan. New Year’s meals would be an equivalent, since that is when families get together, though the cuisine is radically different from our traditional holiday meal 🙂

Since turkey is hard to find and is rather expensive in Japan, we prepared pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, green beans, salad, and rolls for them. They seemed to love it. We work as a great team, as Grant loves cooking and Miho is very skilled at presentation and creating a wonderful ambiance. Grant joked that he would rather cook for 2 hours than wash dishes for 30 minutes.

After the meal, we taught them one of our favorite card games, Ligretto (which also became a favorite in our Highrock youth group).  All in all, a fantastic evening together with our new friends.

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