Posted by: grantmiho | December 8, 2010

Mom’s 2nd Surgery a Success

Last week, Grant’s mom had her second skin graft operation on her arm. The last one did not completely heal, which led them to decide to try another procedure. Fortunately, it was complete in half the time they expected and she didn’t need any tubes hooked up to her afterwards.

It is unclear what is the next step and when the stroke surgery will take place. This is encouraging though. We were able to talk with her this past weekend and she seems to be doing well. Her memory is still sharp, as she talked about Miho’s birthday coming up on the 28th of this month. Keep praying for her during this long road of recovery.


  1. Hi Grant and Miho. I just visited with your mother last night. She looks better than I have seen her so I was very encouraged. She was sitting in a wheelchair watching TV. We had a very good visit. She is hopeful to go home on Thursday or soon after. You should be encouraged. I will continue to pray for your family and visit with your mom when possible.

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