Posted by: grantmiho | November 20, 2010

2nd Skin Graft Surgery for Mom Coming Up on the 29th

Just heard from my sister and talked to my dad. Found out that certain parts of my mom’s arm is not healing properly and that she will need to go back to Iowa City next week for another skin graft surgery. This will be taken from her right leg this time. After the surgery on Nov. 29th, she will need to stay there for another week, then may be able to go home (though our house is not very wheelchair friendly).

My dad has been getting training for how to care for her wounds and for my mom when she gets to go home. I got shivers upon hearing the steps it takes to nurse her burns and clean them out regularly. My dad will also have to lift her in and out of the wheelchair since she can’t stand, along with helping her onto the toilet. As my dad has had various back problem as well as a back surgery, we are a little nervous of how well he can handle all of this.

My dad also told me that he got the first hospital which amounted to around $98,000. However, we are relieved that his insurance covers all but like $750! With more bills to come, please pray that everything will be taken care of for my family. Also, as my mom comes home soon, please pray for my dad as he needs to cook according to a certain diet for her, give her various pills, clean her wounds, and take of everything else.

Your prayers are powerful. We are very grateful at how God has brought us through this so far.


  1. Grant,
    We appreciate your parents so much! Eva has served in her ministry longer than any other person has served in any other ministry in our church! And her efforts have been with purpose and faithfulness…always there, always trying hard, always encouraging those around her!
    We’re certainly praying with you for her full recovery.

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