Posted by: grantmiho | November 6, 2010

Settling In and Moving Forward

After now living in Japan for one month, we are finally feeling settled. On Friday, we received our couch which made our home now feel a bit more complete. This month has been filled with countless meetings and errands. We have taken Allie to the clinic three times already for registration and immunization shots, visited the Ward office (like a City Hall) three times to fill out various forms, went to the Immigration Office, and a number of other trips and meetings in order to adjust and settle into our life here.

Now, we feel more poised to start some ministries. Before jumping into a flurry of activity, we have been praying and talking with the pastor and others to get a sense as to the need and opportunities in this community. Interestingly, today a lady who was referred from a church member came by the church interested in learning English. Another person has also shown interest in our language cafe. With dozens of teens walking by our church everyday to the nearby high school and junior high, we also are thinking of starting a language cafe for them after school one day.

Another critical area that we want to devote primary attention to is a young adult ministry that may be the start of our future church plant. We were able to meet with an old friend who lives in Tokyo today to talk about the possibility of her joining this core team. Our hope is that this will become a ministry that teens and young adults can join as we initiate relationships with them. The thought is having an intimate community that explores the Christian faith while allowing nonbelievers an opportunity to hear and experience the truth.

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