Posted by: grantmiho | October 17, 2010

Settling into life in Japan

Arrival with Pastor Sekino

Welcome Lunch with the Church

We are now settling into our life in Japan. After arriving on September 30th, we have been extremely busy just trying to adjust to life here, furnish our place, meet people, begin language school (for Grant), and of course take care of Allie (which is a full-time job in itself).   We finally got our internet and phone installed this past Wednesday, which has been a relief. With IKEA only 20 minutes away, we have also been grateful to get some basics for our apartment like a bed, table, etc. We still need to get a few more things like a couch, but are beginning to feel at home here.

Our location has been very fortunate. We are only 5 minutes drive to a nearby mall with a nice supermarket, walking distance to a huge park (where Allie will be able to play and Grant to run around the path), 15 minute drive to one of Miho’s brothers, 30 minutes from Miho’s parents, and only a few stops (or about a 30 minute train ride) for Grant to get to his language school.

Grant’s school is perfect. He came in 2 weeks behind the class but has already caught up. It is with 9 other missionaries, most of whom work with YWAM. He goes Tuesday-Friday from 9:30-1 and is really seeing improvement, though it is very tiring.

We have now been able to see all of Miho’s family. Her parents have been incredibly helpful, coming over to cook for us, clean, or watch Allie while we run errands. Allie’s cousin Ryu seems to love helping her out by sharing his toys or reading books to her. He also enjoys not being the youngest in the family (as he was born a month before we got married five years ago).

We have also been getting to know our neighbors. Miho has talked with a few of the families that liven nearby. She has also met with the daughter-in-law of a church member who has 2 young kids.

Family Time with Allie's cousins and wider family

Today, Grant got to preach at our church where Miho interpreted for him. He spoke from Ephesians 4:11-16 about God’s hope for the church. We wanted to begin our ministry here by stepping back to look at what God desires the church to become. This passage expressed the hope that everybody is equipped to serve, is united in their faith, and grows into spiritual maturity. This is our hope for both this church and the church we dream of planting one day in the future!


  1. Grant-san and Miho-san

    I’ve read through the past posts you’ve made, giving me a few more step foward to understand you two(now, three) and your mission. Further, what amazed me is that you’ve made long and global journey behind your decision. Knowing that , I feel not only just special to welcome two missonaries in our church, but also responsible to share time with you here. Not to mention that will be exciting moment.

    • Thank you for your comment Murata-san. We look forward to getting to know you better too in the near future. We would love to have you over some time.

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