Posted by: grantmiho | May 12, 2010

Five Years with many more to come :)

5 Years Ago- Start of Marriage

Grant's first Afternoon Tea- May 2010

Five years ago today, Miho and I got legally married in Japan (though our official anniversary is July 23rd, as this was for Visa issues). With so many memories, how do you describe these past few years together? These two pictures capture how much (or little) we’ve changed physically. We both probably gained a few pounds (though Miho has a legitimate excuse!).

In these five years, we have been incredibly blessed to….

1. Return home to Japan three times

2. Visit a dozen countries and nearly twenty states across America together

3. Speak at over twenty churches

4. Pursue our master’s degrees at seminary

5. Serve together on staff at Highrock Church

6. Have zero fights (OK, not exactly true, but we lost count long ago 🙂 ).

7. Have a church body walk beside through our miscarriage and be blessed with another child that will be born in just a month.

8. Become the closest of friends and more deeply rooted in love!

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