Posted by: grantmiho | January 31, 2010

Japan Trip- 7th Church Visit (West Tokyo)

Shin-Akitsu Covenant Church

Cafe area on bottom with parsonage on 2nd floor

Cafe space of Shin-Akitsu

Sanctuary of Shin-Akitsu

The day before we left Japan, we were able to visit Shin-Akitsu after a missionary meeting nearby. This church is in West Tokyo and has probably the best location and building of any Japan Covenant Church. It is right around the corner from the train station. This new building is less than ten years old and has great potential. At the moment, there are only around ten people at the church after the pastor left a year ago. They currently have an interim pastor.

We were immediately drawn to this place since it holds such promise. The cafe space would be perfect for our dreams of a language cafe. There is a parsonage upstairs that might allow us to be truly based in the community. Tons of young people pass close by to the train station everyday. It is also close to another ECC missionary family that might partner in our ministry and be a support.

After all of our visits and meetings, we will be praying and reaching a decision for where God wants to place us over the next few months leading up to our departure. Our trip was very fruitful and renewed our excitement for getting to Japan soon and giving our lives to serve God there.

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