Posted by: grantmiho | September 26, 2009

Classes Have Begun

After a whole week of orientation, classes have begun this week.  Although Grant is doing a research-based program, he still has to take a class and audit a couple more classes this semester. On Tuesday he already preached in his homiletics class before the Scottish classmates who are on their ordination track for the Scottish Presbyterian Chruch. This is actually quite unique because most of the divinity school students we met are from outside of Scotland. Many of them are indeed from America. While we were wondering where the Scots were, here we found them hiding!

Miho also attended the first class of Advanced Hebrew class which she may be able to audit throughout the semester. She is making herself busy working on her Job translation. The divinity school as a whole is not too small, with the student body of about 200 people, including the undergrad. But the size of the postgrad is fairly small. Each class is basically a seminar; there are only six or seven students. Thus, auditing means full participation in class. You are only not held accountable for tests and papers. After the whole summer of traveling and support raising, getting back into this rhythm of life is not the easiest thing to do. Fortunately, God has been provoding Miho some translation projects, which will cover some of the expenses that Grant’s scholarship will not cover.

Though we are back into our study mode, we haven’t forgotten to have fun and explore Edinburgh. Today was a  day called Edinburgh Open Door on which some of the buildings that are normally closed to public become accessbile. John Knox, the key Scottish Reformer who founded Presbyterianism, lived his twilight months in a house now called John Knox House. It’s a museum but the admission was free today, so we went to check it out, only to run into other divinity school students. We do not agree with all of the things he has done or said, but we do respect him as someone actually did bring about change in this country. We feel very privileged to be in this land that offers so much of rich history.

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