Posted by: grantmiho | September 3, 2009

Safely arrived in Edinburgh

Church Hotel in EdinburghNew home in EdinburghHaggis and Black Pudding

We just arrived yesterday in Edinburgh, Scotland. While still jetlagged, we have begun to get settled into our new place. You can see our new place, which is a quaint little place on the 2nd floor of this house. The other photo is of a hotel that used to be a church, but totally revamped and modernized. Sad that a church closed, but incredible architecture. Finally, we hit the grocery store and saw some goodies we shall try very soon. These are haggis and black pudding (or blood sausage). Everybody has been super polite and helpful so far. It feels weird to be in a foreign country but able to talk and understand people (well, except those with super strong accents!). Very rainy and we already broke out the leather coat and umbrella. Feels like Winter, but only start of September.

We will post more photos and tell more stories soon enough.

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