Posted by: grantmiho | August 15, 2009

Amazing love of family

Over the last four years, we have accoumulated quite a lot of stuff. Many books we bought for classes as well as for future reference, as we encountered wonderful deals at the Christian Book Distributer’s sale.  Many kitchen gadgets we collected from various kitchen stores, like a bread crumber (if you don’t know what it is, it is a small metal object that looks like the non-edge part of a knife and a waiter in a nice restaurant uses it to scoop up the bread crumbs on your table before they bring out desserts). Many letters and cards we recieved for various occasions. To so many things we are attached to, we had to say good-bye at least for the next 9 months, as Grant’s family came all the way out to Boston from Des Moines to pick up our stuff to store it in their house. The most beautiful thing about it is that we didn’t even have to ask for help. They voluntarily took a vacation from work and paid for the hitch, gas, hotel, and trailer out of their own pocket to do this huge favor for us. Thier commitment goes even further. The day before they left for Des Moines, we were going to load up the trailer together. But suddenly a dinner plan with one of our supporters came up. While we were eating a delicious dinner, they loaded all of our boxes! When we returned to our fully loaded trailer, we felt aweful about it, but at the same time overwhelmed with their love. We are truly thankful to God for blessing us with such an amazing family!

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