Posted by: grantmiho | June 2, 2009

Fruit of labor

On Pentecost Sunday, we confirmed and baptized five teens at our church. Their age varies from the 6th grade to the freshman year in high school. We taught a twelve week class starting at the beginning of Lent, covering the basics of Christianity – about God, Man, the Fall, Jesus, Salvation, Church, Missions, Spiritual Desciplines, etc. It’s basically Christianity 101 presented in a fun interactive way. We began offering this class three years ago, and it has become an essential part of the youth ministry since then. Why? Many teens who have gone through this class have told us that this was their turning point in their spiritual life. They began owning their faith rather than it being merely passed down by their parents. One girl said she can now able to explain what she believes to her non-Christian friends. Another girl said that she began reading the Bible on her own after going through this class. And this year, five of them journeyed through this exciting opportunity. We don’t have our own children yet, but we experienced parent-like feelings – very proud of each of the teens – as they were “welcomed into the club.”  As more and more teens are coming to the youth group, getting confirmed and baptized, expressing their interest in getting confirmed next year, we feel very fortunate to be able to see the fruit of our labor, particularly of the last two years and a few months. Not every Christian leader had the privilege to witness it. Indeed, many have died by faithfully following God’s call and laying the foundation. Japan is a tough ground. As much as we want to see the result immediately and enjoy a flourishing ministry, there is no guarantee that God would grant the same privilege.  But we will continue serving the Lord faithfully and creatively. Tomorrow is the beginning of our missions training in Chicago. Pray for blessings!


  1. So great to see all that God is going in and through you! Thanks for keeping up this blog. We’re so excited and blessed to be able to keep up with your ministry.

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